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Become a Museum Sponsor


The museum part of our business is a non-profit corporation that aspires to be a 501(c)3 once the IRS approves its operations.   As such, we rely on contributions and donations to sustain the operations.  Up until about a year ago, my wife and I carried the expenses entirely ourselves and we continue to allocate income from the Moser Legacy shop to support the museum.  And we haven’t been collecting any rent for the museum space, reimbursement for utility costs, memberships such as the Chamber of Commerce, etc.  However, we’ve reached the point where we are going to need some help if we are to continue to operate as a museum and classroom.   To that end, we’ve created the selection of sponsorship levels below in hopes of exchanging the value of our preservation efforts for ongoing museum support.   


We would very much appreciate it if you or your company, or both, could see your way clear to  sign up as sponsors of the L. O. Moser Furniture Company Museum, Inc.  As an encouragement for you to do this, we have devised a number of levels of benefit packages to reward your participation in our preservation efforts.  These are described in substantial detail which you can review by clicking on the tabs provided.  


We’ve chosen to structure our sponsor menu as if it were a traditional trade guild where experience and seniority were the criteria for increasing skilled status and shop participation responsibilities [we have taken the liberty of adding a “Student” level at the beginning]   In other words, one began as a STUDENT; then moved on to become an APPRENTICE; and in time and with careful and diligent tutelage by a mater craftsman (or his assigned journeyman) one became, upon passing some sort of testing to prove ones skill, a JOURNEYMAN.   The most senior and proven tradesmen eventually achieved MASTER status, the top of the trade; and when retiring became what we’ve taken the liberty of dubbing MASTER EMERITUS.   We hope you will consider participation proportional to your interest in our project and your financial capability.  These are not intended to in any way reflect the contributors’ actual woodworking skill levels.


Thank you for your consideration of support.

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