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L.O. Moser Pattern Store 

Master Patters, As-Is Patterns, Crafter Supplies and Pattern Crafters’ Kits, Finishes, Hardware, Parts

Visit our Replica Catalog Store to select your favorite furniture classic; for  woodworkers who want the challenge of building a replica of the reproductions shown in our catalog.  We have the original  pattern sets from 80+ years of the maker’s art.   Each Moser piece was a faithful reproduction of 17th, 18th and 19th century master furniture designer/craftsmen such as Thomas Chippendale, George Hepplewhite, Duncan Phyfe, Thomas Sheraton, or even President Thomas Jefferson.  These designers were widely accepted as the most outstanding master cabinet-makers and furniture-designers of all time; up to that day.

Imagine it; you now have affordable access to a set of full-scale templates/patterns, plus photos, story sticks, and detailed instructions for crafting these faithful reproductions in your own shop.   To purchase your choice of pattern sets, go to our Pattern Store.


We have used the term “As Is” to indicate original pattern sets just as they come out of the rafters; no testing, no editing, no guarantee that they are complete and in a proven condition.   We know that many of the “As Is” pattern sets are in fact incomplete and in very poor condition.   We invite makers who wish to tackle one of these sets to enter into an agreement with us, in exchange for the low price, to participate with us in building the piece from these unproven patterns and in the process help us fill in the blanks, test the set, make full sized templates, write instructions and provide pictures of their completed project.  We will then incorporate the proven set into our “master set” offering and pay our collaborator a royalty of 20% ($25) for each master pattern set subsequently sold.

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