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Original 1929-1932 L. O. Moser Furniture Co. Catalogs 


The L. O. Moser Furniture Company published catalogs of their furniture reproductions in 1928-9, 1930 and 1932.   The original 1928-9 version contained not only pictures of their furniture and pricing  [including upholstery, mattresses and box springs]  but tidbits of their craft philosophy and much general information about classic furniture design from the 17th, 18th and 19th century masters.  We’ve reproduced this catalog, an authentic relic of furniture history, so that you can see how the gentry purchased furniture, the prices of that day, and the traditional descriptions.


Use these replica catalogs (see purchase options below) to select your favorite furniture classic; whether for  woodworkers who want the challenge of building a replica of the reproductions shown in our catalog, or for furniture connoisseurs who seek to acquire fully finished authentic reproductions.   We have the original  pattern sets from 80+ years of the maker’s art, and the complete shop within which these (now very collectible) Moser reproductions were made. 

Build a piece of history with Moser Legacy

 Each Moser piece is a faithful reproduction of a Victorian period master furniture designer/craftsman such as Thomas Chippendale, George Hepplewhite, Duncan Phyfe, Thomas Sheraton, or even President Thomas Jefferson.  These designers were widely accepted as the most outstanding master cabinet-makers and furniture-designers of all time; up to that day.


Imagine it; you now have affordable access to a set of full-scale templates/patterns, plus photos, story sticks, and detailed instructions for crafting these faithful reproductions in your own shop.  


To purchase your choice of pattern sets, go to our Pattern Store .

To purchase fully finished vintage pieces, go to our Furniture Reproduction Gallery and select the item you wish along with wood, finish and detail options as applicable.  Thank you. 

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