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The Moser Legacy Museum Tour

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This experience will take you back in time to the early days of American furniture and cabinet making.   Handmade furniture is an endangered craft; could become a lost art.  Fortunately there are signs of a resurgence of interest in fine craftsmanship.  Moser Legacy seeks to stimulate and  inspire woodworkers young and old, to encourage this resurgence by sharing this legacy, its traditional patterns and philosophies.


See historic equipment restoration to an operational wood shop: 
    •    100 year old line-shaft and flat-belt driven shop 
    •    85  to 200 year old woodworking equipment
    •    Antique tools, clamps, benches,  and accessories
    •    Original furniture pattern sets, story sticks, and sample parts
    •    Handmade equipment and machine attachments
    •    L. O. Moser Furniture Company originals
    •    Early 20th century office equipment and accounting records 
    •    Classic furniture, pictures, drawings and sketches
    •    Historical publications of Moser vintage accomplishments
    •    Ledger entries of 90 years of purchases and sales


Museum static display and self-guided observation ~ FREE to all ~


Open Days and Hours:
Museum is open Friday, Saturday & Monday 10 to 4 from March 1st through November 15th; & any time by appointment.  Call curators, Ron Southard or Carole Perrin, to schedule your visit and/or shop tour on all other days, except Sundays; 719-530-7207.   Groups welcome.


To take a narrated museum tour to watch the woodworking machines operate, peruse the original 1929 Moser Furniture catalogue, read the historical ledgers and discover Lady Astor’s 1926 purchases, see machines and furniture from Thomas Jefferson’s era, ask about historic restorations, listen to the captivating stories of The Moser Legacy, and hear the distinctive “heartbeat” of the 19th and early 20th century flat-belt driven shop.


Curators’ personally guided/narrated shop tour (approx 1 hour);
         Children (<13)                        $     2   per person

         Adults                                      $     8  per person
         Seniors (>65) & Students    $     6  per person


Season Family Passes are available here................$ 36


In the working shop you may see treasured heirlooms being restored, woodworking machines being refurbished, beautiful wood grain being captured and enhanced as bowls, candle holders, cutting boards or other furnishings.  And perhaps meet and talk with curator Ron Southard,– the visionary who relocated this amazing shop and set it up for the edification and enjoyment of woodworkers of all skill levels and anyone interested in the preservation of early American tradesmen’s tools and techniques.

For Woodworkers who want to build a replica of the reproductions shown in the Moser catalog:    We have preserved and will duplicate the original  patterns, each a faithful reproduction of the 17th, 18th or 19th century master furniture designer/craftsman, even Wallace Nutting ("Phillidelphia school") or President Thomas Jefferson.   Imagine, you now have ready access to affordable sets of patterns that include full-scale templates, photos, story sticks, and instructions for crafting these faithful reproductions in your own shop.

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