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Early Virgnian Furniture Polish Store

Over 100 years ago, L.O. Moser, Sr., a fine furniture craftsman,  formulated this cleaning and polishing compound to assure proper care of his 17th, 18th and 19th century reproduction furniture.   He named the product, “Early Virginian ™ Furniture Polish”   It was developed to clean, polish and protect all furniture and wood surfaces, old and new, light or dark.  
In a dry environment like Colorado, our furniture is starved for moisture. Without proper protection we can find our prized furniture suddenly drying out and cracking.  No one wants to see expensive pieces of furniture ruined when all it takes is a weekly treatment of Moser Furniture Polish to clean and protect. Just take a soft clean cloth, put some Early Virginian ™


Apply Furniture Polish on the cloth and gently apply to any wood surface. Let it sit for about 1 or 2 minutes so it can sink into all the pores of the piece. Then gently buff to a satin glow, a “dull rub” finish, that also repels dust for days. You will be so happy with the results you won’t want to use anything else.
Here is what people think: 

Mary Ann H. says, “I pour a little polish in my hand and rub it into an old makeup brush and dusted the metal hinges on our ceiling fan. It’s amazing how shiny everything becomes. 

Carolynn M. writes; “I was amazed at how it brought out the grain and made the wood look, almost new again. I have never found a polish that did as much for furniture as the Moser Polish. I can’t see ever using anything else” 


This product is an extraordinarily effective restorative furniture cleaner and polish. It will work to protect all of your cherished furniture old or new, light or dark. Now blended in the high mountains of Colorado by a team dedicated to carrying on the tradition of the Moser's life work MOSER'S EARLY VIRGINIAN ™ FURNITURE POLISH is ready to become a part of your household.  And we promise to "Take care of the things you love."

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