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Welcome to "The Moser Legacy"

Welcome to The Moser Legacy.   In 1915, L. O. Moser, Sr. opened the L. O. Moser Furniture Company in Lynchburg, Virginia.   Its building at 409 Fifth St. was designed in 1933 by Stanhope S. Johnson and R. O. Brannan, and built in 1936.   The company operated at that location until 2005 when it was relocated in its entirety to 27951 County Road 319, Buena Vista, Colorado, by Ron Southard, et. al.  The shop was dismantled and awaits a new home as of March of 2021.


To quote from the 1929 Moser Catalog:“After many years’ study of the old craftsmen and their handiwork, the founder …established a shop at Lynchburg, Virginia, in 1915 for the purpose of reproducing some of the finer antique furniture found mostly in the thirteen original states. Many museum pieces have also been copied …  “  


 Again quoting L. O. Moser, Sr. “… Our reproductions are correct copies of the original in size, form, decoration, and quality; materials in some instances are even superior to the original.  The construction embodies the best principles of workmanship, such as hand dovetailing, mortising, and hand carving.  Also we make furniture to the customers’ design and specifications, both period and modern…”


The outstanding achievement of this company has been in ... making the highest quality furniture at a reasonable price, and in retaining that touch of old world charm which lends to peace of mind, joy of living, and good will. …”


The L. O. Moser Furniture Company has moved geographically, but we remain very much the same philosophically.   For more information about " The Moser Legacy"- Click Here

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